Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine`s day :)

Here is the quick and simple way to decorate cake or cookies for the Valentine. You will need the rolled fondant (homemade or purchased), red color and heart-shaped cookie cutters (Wilton From The Heart Nesting Cookie Cutter Set)

Add the color in the fondant and knead it until its evenly colored. Dust the working surface with the confectioner sugar and roll the fondant with the rolling pin.
Using the cookie cutters cut the hearts in different sizes. Place smaller hearts on top or leave them separately for decoration. Leave the fondant hearts in refrigerator for 2 hours and use them to decorate your Valentine cake.

Friday, January 30, 2009

First birthday cake - ideas and recipes

Planning your kid`s first birthday party can be very stressful. Your little, tiny, beautiful baby is turning one and you really want to make a memorable event. And actually - since your baby is not old enough to realize what’s really going on, this party is probably more important for you than for the little one.

And very often (as it happened with me), you will be motivated enough to make attempt to create your first birthday cake ever, even if you`v never ever made a cake in your life before…

If you decide to go for a healthy low sugar or no-sugar recipes I recommend the Sugar Free Applesauce and Banana Cake recipe with whole wheat flour, wheat germs, bananas and applesauce (the recipe and a lot more healthy cooking ideas for the little ones you can find on Homemade Baby Food Recipes website – check it out!).

If you want something…well.. a bit more tasty, you can opt for Kassata cake – made with two boxes of grounded baby biscuit (300g each), pack of butter, confectioner`s sugar, a bit of orange juice and a melted chocolate (mix everything and shape it as you wish… you can also add coconut or fruit pieces). Or you can keep it simple and use the cake mix.

And here you can see a few ideas and inspirations for the first birthday cake.

If you decide to go for a theme party, not for some sort of baby blue or pink cake or the “number one party”, the character cake can do the trick. They are really not too hard to make and can look really nice. Here`s my sons first birthday Winnie the Pooh cake.

This is my first ever birthday cake, decorated with a rolled fondant. Also you can make a Barbie cake (but I recommend it for the older girls, they`ll really going to enjoy it).

And remember – whatever you decide, try to make the party as stress free as possible…and to enjoy it as much as possible! Good luck!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

A week ago my daughter turned 6. Since she is a big fan of Hannah Montana she just HAD to have a Hannah Montana birthday party….and of course a corresponding cake. At first I was a bit confused … I cannot just use appropriate pan and make a character cake… and I really don’t like cakes with photo toppers….hmm…

And then in the party store when we found the Hannah Montana guitar – shaped cake topper / candle… I got the idea – I am going to make the cake look exactly like guitar topper!
I made the cake using the Wilton guitar-shaped pan (it is a Kasato cake, no cooking /no baking, easy to make, easy to shape).

I iced the cake with my own version of chocolate buttercream icing, and day after covered it with the pink and purple colored rolled fondant (had to cut cake a bit before covering it with fondant, to look more like a electric guitar, not like the classic one). Then I made a fondant flowers, and using colored piping gel (purple) I made other decorations /patterns on the cake.

The strings were the trickiest … At first I just wanted to pipe them with icing and N.1 Wilton tip…but I really didn’t like the way it looked. Any other ideas didn’t seem to be good…until I saw my daughter`s roll tape chewing gum – and the problem was solved.

And of course my daughter gave the cake a finishing touch by sticking the Hannah Montana stickers all around the cake…

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Madhatter/ Topsy turvy cake

Have a look at my favorite cake - known also as whimsical or topsy-turvy. I made it for my daughter`s 5th birthday party :) It is a layered cake (I never use the cake mix), covered with chocolate icing (home-made too) and rolled fondant.